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CLeaR Fellows 2018 – Catherine Dunphy

Engineering Māori and Pacific student success

Catherine DunphyKo Taranaki te mounga
Ko Waiaua te awa
Ko Taranaki te iwi
Ko Ngati Tara, Kahumate, Tamarongo ngā hapū
Ko Orimupiko te marae
Ko Catherine Dunphy tōku ingoa

Catherine is the Kaiārahi in the Faculty of Engineering. Catherine has worked in the education sector for over 20 years in various roles including secondary teaching. She has a particular interest in Maori and Pacific student success and, in governance, policy and decision making. Catherine has worked with the Tuākana Learning Community over a number of years at the University. What is of most interest is the role that Academic staff have in supporting Maori and Pacific student success.

“Engineering Māori and Pacific student success”

My research project is focused on how Māori and Pacific engineers define success and what we as a faculty can do to support them to achieve success, as defined by them. My project will involve interviewing past and present students to gain an understanding of how they define success. The second part of the project will be to design and implement workshops for lecturers that will enhance their understanding of the Modern Maori economy, Maori and Pacific world views, tikanga and practices and to identify strategies that can and are being implemented into teaching and learning practices to meet the needs of Māori and Pacific learners.