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CLeaR Fellows form a multi-disciplinary community of practice dedicated to developing and disseminating effective teaching strategies around a key university learning and teaching priority.

The CLeaR Fellowships Programme provides one academic staff member from each faculty with a 0.2 FTE time release for a full year to work individually and collaboratively on learning and teaching projects related to an annual theme. These pages describe their projects, which may provoke teachers to reflect upon their own pedagogical approach to teaching and learning.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Proactively acknowledge teaching and learning leadership and development within the University.
  • Improve teaching, learning and assessment practices aligned to the University’s strategic priorities.
  • Facilitate inclusive teaching.
  • Support the growth and dissemination of internationally significant teaching and learning developments.

2020 Fellows – Designing for learning

The 2020 Fellows will focus on empowering University of Auckland staff to design transformative learning opportunities that are innovative, active/experiential and culturally sustaining and that bridge face-to-face and online learning environments.

Capstone courses: demonstrating achievement of graduate capabilities and employability.

Dr Peter Smith

Senior Lecturer, Management and International Business

Introducing the Orff Approach: contemporary practices in music education.

Dr Millie Locke

Lecturer, School of Music

Studio Activity Kits (StacKs): Empowering students to develop and apply methodologies and prototypes in both studio and theory-based courses.

Assoc Prof Deb Polson

Associate Professor, School of Design

Building the whole’ engineer: embedding professional and personal development into the curriculum.

Eric van den Top

Professional Teaching Fellow, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Enhancing Pacific Success – Lalaga 2.0.

Dr Analosa Veukiso-Ulugia

Lecturer, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Redesigning Land and Law: a blended, flipped classroom approach.

Jayden Houghton

Lecturer, Faculty of Law

Social security and the Law: Designing a course that engages students in supervised legal work for clients.

Assoc Prof Hanna Wilberg

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law

Academic writing as a language barrier.

Dr Ana Maria Benton Z

Learning Adviser, Libraries and Learning Services

Transforming the assessment structure of our curriculum to maximise student achievement.

Dr Julie McIntosh

Professional Teaching Fellow, School of Biological Sciences

ANTHRO 103, Musics of the World in Everyday Lives: A flipped classroom model.

Dr Sunhee Koo

Senior Lecturer, Anthropology & Ethnomusicology

Exploring the development and acquisition of academic cultural capital.

Emma Sadera

Professional Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Claire Donald is co-coordinator for the 2020 CLeaR Fellowships.

Dr Claire Donald

Senior Lecturer, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

Ashwini Datt is co-coordinator for the 2020 CLeaR Fellowships.

Ashwini Datt

Senior Tutor, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

2019 Fellows – A new Canvas for teaching and learning

The University of Auckland was the first tertiary institution in Australasia to introduce the new generation learning management system (LMS), Canvas. Now that Canvas is firmly established, CLeaR has connected with teaching staff who are beginning to exploit these opportunities and share their experience with colleagues.

A study of the use of CANVAS’s collaboration tool incorporated into a Fine Arts Studio course.

Dr Sean Kerr

Senior Lecturer, Elam School of Fine Arts

Investigating teaching and assessment practices within Humanities through technology.

Dr Andrew Withy

Professional Teaching Fellow, Department of Philosophy, School of Humanities

Enhancing the use of blended learning practices of the Tertiary Foundation Certificate programme.

Dr Agnieszka Zabicka

Professional Teaching Fellow, School of Humanities

Enhancing student experience and success in COMLAW 101.

Dr Mark McConnell

Professional Teaching Fellow, Department of Commercial Law

Exploring the use of ‘badging’ and an ‘Escape Room’ environment as a motivator for student learning.

Megan Clune

Professional Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Assessing and comparing the effectiveness of in-class and asynchronous Student Response Systems.

Dr Lokesh Padhye

Senior Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Exploring Canvas Blueprints and enabling flipped classrooms.

Hazim Namik

Professional Teaching Fellow, Mechanical Engineering

Leveraging Canvas outputs to provide personalised feedback to students and feed-forward  to instructors.

Kaitlin Beare

Professional Teaching Fellow, Chemical Sciences

Making pathology labs more interesting, mixing digital slide material with engaging activities to keep students motivated.

Dr Rachelle Singleton

Professional Teaching Fellow, Medical Science

Steve Leichtweis co-coordinated the 2019 CLeaR Fellowships.

Dr Steve Leichtweis

Head of E-learning, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

Bettina Schwenger co-coordinated the 2019 CLeaR Fellowships.

Bettina Schwenger

Learning Designer, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

2018 Fellows – He vaka moana: Navigating Māori and Pasifika student success

The Pacific Ocean sustains and connects Māori and Pasifika people, and vaka moana are ocean-going vessels developed to purposefully navigate this vast body of water using indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing. These initiatives are cross-disciplinary, with a focus on projects that centre on Māori and Pasifika aspirations and what engagement, achievement and success – broadly understood – might mean to this diverse community.

I am Who I am: enhancing teaching, learning and research success for Pacific students.

Dr Melani Anae

Senior Lecturer, Pacific Studies, Te Wānanga o Waipapa

Work-Related Learning and Māori Student Success.

Dr Tia Dawes

Research Fellow, James Henare Māori Research Centre

Engineering Māori and Pacific student success.

Catherine Dunphy

Kaiārahi, Faculty of Engineering

Lalanga ha kaha’u monu’ia – Embedding Indigenous knowledge, values, and culture for Māori and Pasifika Student Success.

Sonia Fonua

Professional Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Science

Pasifika ‘Success’ at Law School.

Helena Kaho

Lecturer, Faculty of Law

Ako fakasitepu: promoting learning to learn for Pasifika Business School Students.

Dr Marcia Leenen-Young

Professional Teaching Fellow, Academic and Capability Development

The art of wayfinding: Navigating Pasifika student success.

Jacoba Matapo

Lecturer, Critical Studies in Education

Leadership through learning and teaching innovations.

Abigail McClutchie

Learning Adviser, Te Fale Pouāwhina, Te Tumu Herenga - Libraries and Learning Services

Culturally Appropriate Measures and Pathways for Success.

Dr Julia Novak

Professional Teaching Fellow, Department of Mathematics

Pathways to the Past: Fostering Effective Pedagogies for Māori and Pasifika Students in the Historical Disciplines.

Dr Nancy November

Lecturer, Musicology

‘Ema Wolfgramm-Foliaki co-coordinated the 2018 CLeaR Fellowships.

Dr 'Ema Wolfgramm-Foliaki

Lecturer, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

Hinekura Smith co-coordinated the 2018 CLeaR Fellowships.

Dr Hinekura Smith

Lecturer, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

2017 Fellows – Writing, writing everywhere

How can we encourage our students to write more accurately, more imaginatively, more elegantly, more persuasively, more thoughtfully, more critically, more creatively – or simply more? Where has writing gone in 21st century higher education, and where else could it go? This theme was broadly defined to embrace communications media ranging from conventional printed texts to multimedia blogs, handwritten notebooks, chalked poetry and computer code.

The Schuler Educational Enhancement and Development (SEED) Fund also provided 20 recipients with finding to undertake parallel projects along the same theme.

The Writing, Writing Everywhere blog is a portal to showcase their findings and advertise events for academic writers.

1-2-3 Lit Review.

Anuj Bhargava

Professional Teaching Fellow, Physiology

Writing as a method of inquiry.

Esther Fitzpatrick

Lecturer, School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice

Experiences of undergraduate and postgraduate Business students using online writing tools to support their writing.

Shireen Junpath

Professional Teaching Fellow, Innovative Learning Team, Business School

Letting the letters run ahead of me: A study of writing practices that support creative thinking.

Dr Alys Longley

Senior Lecturer, Dance Studies

An inquiry into University of Auckland teaching staff and students’ experiences of using the ‘write@uni’ online resource.

Dr Jenny Mendieta Aguilar

Learning Adviser , Libraries and Learning Services

Common core and discipline-specific elements of proficient student writing in Arts.

Dr Rosemary Wette

Senior Lecturer, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Similarities (and similes) in writing and mathematics.

Assoc Prof Caroline Yoon

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

Evija Trofimova coordinated the 2017 CLeaR Fellowships.

Dr Evija Trofimova

Research Fellow, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

2016 Fellows – Engaging with e-learning

The learning and teaching fellowship theme for the 2016 was ‘Engaging with e-learning.’ The fellows explored aspects of technology in teaching, including learning analytics as a lens on student engagement; the four e’s underpinning online communities: ethics, evaluations, etiquette and expectations; and the e-ffect of e-learning on lecture attendance.

We know what you did last semester!

Andrew Eberhard

Professional Teaching Fellow, Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

E for ethics, evaluations, etiquette and expectations. What is the E in e-learning?

Dr Julie Trafford

Learning Adviser, Libraries and Learning Services

Critical Thinking, from MOOC to LOC.

Dr Patrick Girard

Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, School of Humanities

Carpe Diem! Seize the moment.

Dr Rena Heap

Senior Lecturer, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Break 30%: Mission (im)possible? Pre-lecture quizzes to improve engagement and lecture attendance.

Dr Tanya Evans

Professional Teaching Fellow, Department of Mathematics

Building a Teaching Learning Community with Tender Loving Care.

Assoc Prof Jenny Sim

Associate Professor, Medical Imaging Programme Director

Why enhance teaching? The elephant in the room.

Peter Bier

Professional Teaching Fellow, Department of Engineering Science

Dawn Garbett coordinated the 2016 CLeaR Fellowships.

Associate Professor Dawn Garbett

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Social Work

2015 Fellows – Student engagement and achievement

This is a broad theme, which relates to all disciplines, class sizes and course configurations. The Fellows explored creative ways to engage students from diverse backgrounds and to support their achievement.

PDF version. Requires Adobe Reader.

EPUB version. Requires an EPUB reader application or browser add-on.

The Global Practice of Politics.

Assoc Prof Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Associate Professor, Politics and International Relations

Mission Possible: Engaging students in large classes.

Dr Bodo Lang

Senior Lecturer, Marketing, Business School

The SEALLS project: A case of blending in technology to enhance student engagement and achievement in large lecture settings.

Dr Jason Stephens

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Tahi: Encouraging expertise in the way students engage with learning.

Dr Keri Moyle

Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering

A multi-pronged approach to enhancing student engagement and achievement.

Angela Tsai

Professional Teaching Fellow, School of Medical Sciences

Applied academic teaching and learning: How and why you should introduce real world teaching.

Alison Cleland

Senior Lecturer, Medical Imaging Programme Director

Establishing a community of interests for staff using technology in teaching & learning.

Dr Li Wang

Learning Support Services Manager, Libraries and Learning Services

Teaching theory into practice: A model from opera.

Dr Gregory Camp

Lecturer, School of Music

Leveraging mobile devices for science learning.

Anna Yang

Professional Teaching Fellow, Department of Physics

Adam Blake coordinated the 2015 CLeaR Fellowships.

Adam Blake

Senior Tutor, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

2014 Fellows – Rethinking the classroom: Interactive teaching and learning

He kohinga whakaaro mō te ako

The Fellows projects for this year explored aspects of classroom pedagogy that break the mold of traditional lecture style learning in favour of flipped classroom teaching, peer and group learning, close reading exercises, role playing, student-centric classrooms and more. Within this broad remit, two groups investigated how physical and virtual spaces (e.g. teaching rooms, library design, LMS capabilities) influence teaching and learning; and concepts of cultural and professional competence, and how we promote these within degree programmes.

PDF version. Requires Adobe Reader.

EPUB version. Requires an EPUB reader application or browser add-on.

Flipping difficult.

Dr Andrew Luxton-Reilly

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Digital technologies and their impact the built environment.

Dr Dermott McMeel

Lecturer, Architecture and Planning

Overcoming learning obstacles.

Assoc Prof Gerard Rowe

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Substitution to transformation.

Margot Bowes

Lecturer, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Encouraging interactivity across courses.

Dr Ross McDonald

Professional Teaching Fellow, Department of Management & International Business

Teacher-centricity, a collage.

Dr Stephen Turner

Senior Lecturer, Department of English Studies

A poverty simulation for second year Bachelor of Pharmacy students.

Dr Trudi Aspden

Lecturer, Pharmacy Practice

Cathy Gunn coordinated the 2014 CLeaR Fellowships.

Associate Professor Cathy Gunn

Associate Professor, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

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