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CLeaR Fellows 2016 – Dr Julie Trafford

E for ethics, evaluations, etiquette and expectations. What is the E in e-learning?

Dr Julie TraffordA couple of questions to help you get in the frame: Has students’ anonymity and their familiarity with ‘flaming’ on social media made them more bold and forthright or alternatively, more offensive and abusive than in the past? How can we draw boundaries around personal and private time when we are connected 24/7?

Julie has been a Learning Adviser in Student Learning Services for over 15 years. She completed a PhD in geography in 2012 exploring the capacity- and capability- building potentialities of postgraduate geography research practices.

Julie works with librarians, other learning advisers and faculty teaching staff to integrate academic and information literacies into curricula using relevant capability-building frameworks. This often involves the development of on-line learning resources and assessments.

While anecdotal evidence indicates positive outcomes from these elearning opportunities, the technological and learning aspects of student engagement require formal evaluation. Thus, as a 2016 CLeaR fellow, Julie intends to develop a comprehensive and contextually appropriate framework for rigorously evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of these resources to enhance learning outcomes.