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CLeaR Fellows 2019 – Dr Lokesh Padhye

Assessing and comparing the effectiveness of in-class and asynchronous Student Response Systems

Dr Lokesh PadhyeLokesh is a Senior Lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Prior to joining the University of Auckland in 2014, he worked as a senior environmental engineer in Atlanta for three years and as an Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay for one year. He is also a visiting scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA).

Lokesh is using his fellowship year to explore the benefits of student response systems (SRSs), specifically related to the identification of troublesome knowledge and threshold concepts, for enhancing student learning in engineering classrooms. The aim of his proposed research is twofold: to increase student engagement by transforming the traditional textbook orientated lecture into an active classroom and to identify learning misconceptions to provide timely feedback and interventions.