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SEED projects 2020 – Designing for learning

Enhancing and enriching innovations for LAW301 Land Law

Jayden Houghton

Jayden Houghton

Jayden Houghton (Faculty of Law)

This project redesigned teaching, learning and assessment in LAW 301 Land Law, so that the course can comply with the new policy on assessment in a way that achieves constructive alignment across learning outcomes, assessment, and teaching and learning activities.

LAW 301 Land Law is a compulsory course in the undergraduate law degree. The project seeks to transform Land Law into a blended learning course and a flagship for new, innovative teaching in compulsory courses at our Law School. The SEED Grant will support the project by allowing the employment of a project assistant to help with time-intensive aspects of the project such as data entry, double-checking and proofreading, and enhance the innovations so they are usable in future years.

Students need to complete newly-developed modules prior to attending tutorials. For each module, students were given a factual scenario and needed to complete various exercises for each issue. Once the factual scenarios, the issues arising and the exercises for each issue (the high-level thinking) were planned, a project assistant was able to draft the summaries of the law for each issue arising, and helped me to double-check and type multiple-choice questions into revision quizzes on Canvas.