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SEED projects 2017 – Writing, Writing Everywhere

Critical writing and creative thinking

Professor Lisa Samuels Prof Lisa Samuels (Faculty of Arts)

Lisa’s teaching innovation project engaged students in performative writing and creation of new digital contents as part of their critical inquiry into the forms and modes of writing for a Stage III course.

In working on the details of the project, Lisa’s understanding of what’s involved grew considerably. The students developed an installation in the “Window Gallery” at the University. It focussed on source texts to encourage the students to concentrate on collaborating and presenting language as it already happens “everywhere” (in texts, locations, spaces, sites, heard speech, and similar) rather than “composing” from the point of view of solo subjects

The SEED grant paid for two assistants and covered the Window Gallery installation costs.

Collaboration with visual and installation arts and with digital components was integral to this project’s uptake of, and commitment to, writing in public intellection and across educational parameters.

The SEED Grant cooperative gave rise to other collaborations. Lisa provided an essay on how to write poetry for Tanisha Jowsey’s (Health/Medicine) writing anthology, “Medicine Reflections”. She is also co-supervising a Performance Writing PhD in Creative Practice with Alys Longley.