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SEED projects 2017 – Writing, Writing Everywhere

From ‘Thinking like a Manager’ to ‘Writing like a Manager’: Part 2

Dr Michael Lee

Dr Michael Lee

Drs Michael Lee, Yuri Seo, Rebecca Dolan, and Gavin Northey (Faculty of Business and Economics)

The objective of this project was to develop an interactive practice-based student workshop on how to create, manage, and evaluate digital marketing content: ‘Digital Content in Marketing: Creation, Management, and Evaluation’. The aim was for the workshop to focus on the creation (i.e., writing), management, and evaluation of digital marketing content, as it pertains to the evolving role of marketing within the businesses ecosystem and broader social considerations.

The day went very smoothly and the students all enjoyed and learnt a lot from the experience. The industry facilitators were happy to assist in showing the next generation of digital marketers the necessary concepts to make their transition into industry smoother for everyone.

In order to gauge the success of the workshop and event, we launched a survey, which only about a third of the students completed although we had reminded them several times that the industry facilitators would very much appreciate their anonymous feedback. This lack of feedback was also particularly disappointing as students received a free workshop that would normally cost participants several hundred dollars each and a free fully-catered evening cocktail event to encourage the participants to network. Of the students that did complete the survey, many noted that they were exposed to concepts in a practical way for the first time in their degree studies.

Due to the overwhelming success of the event, in Semester Two a similar team was invited to deliver an abridged version of their content to a much larger audience, the Advertising and promotions Stage Three course in Marketing. This relationship is likely to continue into future semesters, thereby exposing a larger number of students to the relevant digital marketing concepts.